Empathy Family Farmers Market - Friday, June 3rd from 3-5pm

Empathy Family Farmers Market - Friday, June 3rd from 3-5pm.

Woohooo! Presented by Empathy Middle School for their Enterprise Project.

We are looking forward to having a fantastic return to our market Friday. We have 16 vendors to serve you - from primary school students with banana cakes to jewelry to beauty products to clothes  to toys & books. And of course fruit and veggie farmers!!

To make the market a super success, please consider a few things:

1.) Cloth BAGS and containers (bring your own - there will be no plastic bags - let’s show kids how to shop responsibly ♻️

2.) Small MONEY (and don’t forget there are NO ATMs close by - and although some merchants might use QR codes or accept transfers, in general cash is the main form of exchange.

3.) Ride BIKES 🚲 or MOTORBIKES 🏍 if possible. You can park at the school with a two wheel vehicles, otherwise cars will be lining the main road.