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Empathy's Family

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Eric Gonzalez-Payne

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Echo (Ya ting)

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Advisory Board

Empathy School Bali is proud to be supported by a robust team of international advisors who support us on every step of our development.

Antoine Béland

SEL Educator
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Barbra Larson and Doug Dolstad

NVC Educator
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Kiran Bir Seth

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Linda Nathan

Harvard Lecturer
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Tendai Amanda Mashamba

Mental Health Specialist
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Yifan Sun

Associate Professor
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Empathy's Middle School

Zachary Reznichek

MIddle School Director

"I combine my love of games and long history of role-playing games with my Masters in Education and teacher training to write innovative life-skills curricula.

Empathy Teachers

We would like to proudly introduce our team, the co-creators making the school a magical place where our children thrive. They went through highly selective interviews and hundreds of hours of training. Working at Empathy requires an open heart and adaptability to learn and grow - they must always step out of their comfort zones (teaching in nature instead of cement buildings), adapting to new teaching methods, exploring new subjects, expanding one's heart to embrace and celebrate difference and being the life model to love.

Ms Mila

Early Years Teacher

I'm Mila. I am Early Years Teacher. I am happy to be an Early Years Teacher because I feel the excitement of learning.

Ms. Arika

Hi, I'm Arika, I'm from Ubud and I'm a school administration, I graduated from English Education Study Program Mahasaraswati Denpasar University.

Mr. Randy

Middle School Co Lead

I’m Mr. Randy, Middle School Co Lead and Project Mentor. I have experience in Project-Based Learning, English as a Second Language, Montessori Method of teaching, Teacher-Gamer Revolution, Da Vinci Life Skills, and have been working in the Education field for more than 5 years.

Mr. Nathan Wilkinson

Native English Teacher

I'm Nathan, I am an English teacher at Empathy School and i have been studying Children's primary and young peoples education for over 10 years now and i have also worked with children with all different kinds of disabilities and additional needs ranging from Autism to visual processing disorders.

Mr. Robby

Social Emotional Learning Teacher

I am Roby,  a teacher and also a learner. I have bachelor degree of English Literature. I have 3 years of teaching experience. Right now, I am deepening my knowledge on NVC and SEL to better support my kids

Ms. Novi

Art. Teacher

She is our painter Muse! Every child loves her class. They can express their emotions and feelings through their painting. One of our kids said “When I grow up I want to be just like Ms. Novi – Covered in paint everyday!”

Ms. Christine

Curriculum Coordinator

I’m Christine. I have 19 years experience in teaching and education development, specialized in sensory integration and cross curriculum design.

Ms. Tia

Indonesian Study Teacher

Hi I’m Ayu or you can also call me Tia. I have 14 years experience in teaching in secondary and upper primary.

Ms. Rama

HR Coordinator

I'm Rama, I'm the HR Coordinator of Empathy School. I'm so passionate about helping people to develop themselves especially in career. Experienced in HR field and certified as a Human Capital Staff from Indonesia National Professional Certification Board (BNSP).

Ms. Ayu

Academic Admin

Ms. Ayu Puspita Sari

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Hi I'm Ayu. Graduated from the Math education department in Unmas. Experience 7 years in teaching diverse students. Love to be part of someone's learning journey

Ms. Rani

Kindergarten Teacher

I'm Rani. I am a kindergarten teacher at Empathy School. I graduated from Ganesha University of Education. I really love to teach and play with the kids.

Ms. Audry

EY Coordinator and Teacher

I'm Audry, Early Years Department coordinator and teacher  in Empathy school. I have 10 years experience doing Montessori method of teaching and also phonics specialist (learn to read program).

Ms. Rara

kindergarten Teacher

I'm Rara, a kindergarten teacher who loves to learn. I hold a bachelor in psychology, being a techer really help me to understand kids and their development. I've been exposed towards Montessori tools and methods since in college, and in this job I can see the beauty of it, both for students and teacher (myself)

Ms. Dewi

Primary Homeroom Teacher

She graduated from Marwadewa University. She has more than 10 years experience in teaching

Mr. Nico

Operations Manager

Im Nico, Im Operation Manager at Empathy School, i graduated from Binus University with bachelor degree of Computerized Accounting. I have 15 years experience in management, system operation procedure and liaison in some multinational companies.

Mr. Aditya

Department Lead of STEAM

Hi, I'm Adi! I hold a master's degree in clinical psychology and have been an educator for 15 years. I have a love-hate relationship with spiders but am no fan of raisins (why do they exist?). Curriculum development is my passion but there's nothing quite like watching the look on a child's face when they make their own discoveries.

Ms. Nana

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Hello, I’m Nana. I am your primary homeroom teacher. I believe that we do not learn for school only, but for life, so I always try to make my lesson as meaningful as our life. I also love to sing, so do not hesitate to sing along with me. Cheerio!

Ms. Ria Agustina Putri

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Hi, I’m Ria. I love traveling and reading stories. I enjoy teaching, and I feel like it’s already a part of me. As a teacher, I am dedicated to creating a positive, safe, and fun learning environment for all students. I'm surely looking forward to working with everyone at Empathy School.

Ms Tendai

Director of Wellness

I'm Tendai,  I'm the Director of Wellness  and i have  over 13 years of experience working in the Mental Health Field. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality and Business Management from the University of Birmingham in England, and  went on to pursue my MBA and my Masters of Science  in Counseling (MFCT) from the University of Phoenix in the United States. I'm originally from Zimbabwe.

Ibu wayan

Kitchen Lead and Guardian

I'm ibu wayan I'm a a guardian and a kitchen Manager. I have been working in childcare for over 3 years.

Ms. Vanessa

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello, I'm Vanessa. I'm a kindergarten teacher. I really love to engage and play with the kids. What I love the most about being a teacher is the dynamic process where learning occurs in multiple directions. While we guide and educate the students, they also teach us valuable lessons and bring their unique perspectives to the learning environment.

Ms. Yanti

Admission Admin

I'm Yanti, the Admission Admin of the school. I hold an education bachelor's degree from Ganesha University Bali. I have 2 years of experience in teaching early-year students in Bali and 3 years of experience in the food industry and customer services in the United States.


Kinder Garten Assistant

I’m Cintia, I'm a teacher's assistant at Kinder Garten, I finished high school in 2021. I joined Empathy School since May 2022. I enjoy my job at Empathy School because I think Empathy is a fun place. I learn many things from empathy, I hope I can grow with empathy.

Ms. Febri

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello. I am Ms.Febri I am a kindergarten teacher with 10 years of experience working with the children . I love teaching because I love making learning fun for others and also to get inspired by the kids each and every day.

Mr. Abas

Middle School Admin

I'm Abas, I'm an Admin for the Empathy Middle School. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Russian Literature from University of Indonesia. Admin position is a good fit for me because I gives me the opportunity to lean more and develop my skills.

Ms. Echa

kindergarten Teacher

I am Echa a kindergarten teacher of the dragonfly class. I  love being around kids because they are honest, brave, cute and try  many new things without any doubt. Teaching kids and see their growth is my happiness that's why being a teacher is a wonderful thing and it's enjoyable

Mr. Wayan

Art teacher

I'm Wayan, I'm an artist and also and art teacher. I graduated as an art education major at Ganesha University (UNDIKSHA) . I conduct art exhibitions every year,  not only in Bali, but in other countries too. I also conduct workshops and seminars for adults. My artwork ranges from sculpting, painting, ceramics and carving.

Mr. Rizqi

engineer / general affairs

I'm Rizqi. I work at empathy school as an engineer / general affairs. Dealing with electrics, maintenance, internet, plumbing and so on. I studied marketing communication at Universitas Padjadjaran.

Mr. Komang

Wood Carving Teacher

I am komang, i am a wood carving teacher. I graduated from High School of art at sukawati. My specialties are 2D and 3D art (painting and wood carving). When it comes to painting i have done a lot of art work around Bali,  created mural 3D painting and also painting and carving for sacred masks at some temples in Bali and exspor for some of art work to Europe

Ms. Sylvia

finance coordinator

Hi I'm Sylvia, I have 15 years experience in accounting and finance. I graduated from Mathematic Faculty and i hold a masters degree in Finance Management.

Mr. Pasek


I’m Pasek, I assist in art department. I am from klungkung and I graduated at Undiksha Univercity. I am a painter and  digital illustrator

Ms. Maria

kindergarten Teacher

Hello my name is Maria, i am a kindergarten Teacher, kids says that i am super energetic at school, it's because i love to sing and dance with them, i love to make learning fun for them. I also really love that i get to incorperate nature in my daily activites.

Mr. Antonio

Communication and Marketing support staff

Hi, I'm Antonio, your communication and marketing support. I help with parent admissions and create exciting events. But hey, I'm not all work and no play! I enjoy having fun with people and sometimes even dabble in entertainment. You can find me in the office, ready to make memorable experiences together!

Learning is a never-ending process. Professional development is about lifelong learning and growing as an educator. There is always more to learn and new skills to attain. We are committed among teachers to shape the learning and development culture in our school. We work together as a learning community to support each other's professional and personal growth. We provide teacher’s opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, take new responsibilities and share their own expertise among others. Our hope is that our teachers will one day change how education is done in Indonesia. 

Personal Growth: Morning Meeting

Teacher training is a continuous, never-ending process that promotes teachers' teaching skills, master novel knowledge to develop better or newer proficiency, which in return assists in improving students' learning. At Empathy School, teacher training is given by many exceptional experts in their field. The output is teachers with solid and profound in Non-Violence Communication and Social-Emotional Learning. 

Teacher Training

Learning is a never-ending process. Professional development is about lifelong learning and growing as an educator. There is always more to learn and new skills to attain. We are committed among teachers to shape the learning and development culture in our school. We work together as a learning community to support each other's professional and personal growth. We provide teacher’s opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, take new responsibilities and share their own expertise among others. Our hope is that our teachers will one day change how education is done in Indonesia. 

Team Building

Empathy School always held team-building outside our place to build a robust form of teamwork and build trust within each other. Team-building holds utmost significance in paving the way to the success of an organization. It is essential because it promotes collaboration, and establishing our community is apparent.