Launching our Notion Page!

We have launched our Notion live! Our Notion will be a place where you can find information about and related to the school.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Notion page. Notion is an application for managing notes and information, and we set it up for easier access of information about and related to the school. The information that can be found inside our Notion page are: 

- General Information,

- Website and Contact Numbers (Including the parent's groups),

- Academic Informations (Academic Calendar, After School Programs, and Schedule App for Empathy School),

- Community Knowledges (Knowledges Base and Reccomendations, Helpful Links related to the school).

Our Notion page will be updated with necessary informations accordingly. Please have a look into our new Notion page and hopefully it will ease the access to our school's information. The Notion page can be accessed here:

Empathy School Notion Page