Summer Camp

A summer camp

Hello, thank you for your interest in Empathy School. The upcoming Nature camp will start from 13th June – 29th July 2022. About a month and a half.

The camp is intended for ages 2 – 14 years old. Campers will be immersed in nature, Balinese culture, and most importantly project-based learning. The skills and experiences at the camp have life-changing impacts. Independence, self-confidence, resilience, social and leadership skills, reduction of stress and anxiety.

Our exciting summer camp program offers many incredible experiences such as outdoor adventure, water sports, wood carving, mud party, creative flow, bamboo art, permaculture, robotics, social-emotional learning, and many more. Which of course, the oversight of 300 hours of experienced teachers and training and caring staff.

The camp will be held in our school area. Here are the hours and daily activities for the Nature camp:

Time Activity
9.00 am Morning circle
9.30 am 1st period
10.45 am 2nd period
12.00 pm Lunch
1.00 pm 3rd period
2.30 pm Snack and watermelon time
3.00 pm Go back home

We have a total of 50 spaces available on our 7000 sqm campus. We still open for enrollment for the Nature Camp.