Farmers Market is Back in Town for This Semester!!

The awaited Empathy Farmers Market is back in town for this month. And there's also some news about the other upcoming Farmers Market. Read more if you're interested!!!

In this Month of Love, we are excited to having anotherwonderful Farmers Market on this last – but not least – Friday of the month.


We have diverse numbers of vendors to serve you - from the school students with banana cakes to jewelry to beauty products to clothes to toys & books. And of course, fruit and veggie farmers!! We have returning vendors as well as new and unique new vendors!!


For this semester, the farmers market will be held at these dates:

·       27th January 2023 ✅

·       24th February 2023 – This Friday

·       31st March 2023

·       28th April 2023

·       26th May 2023

If you are interested to become a vendor in our next Farmers Market, feel free to sign in this form.

To make the market a super success, please consider a few things:

1.) Cloth BAGS and containers (bring your own - there will be no plastic bags - let’s show kids how to shop responsibly ♻️

2.) Small MONEY (and don’t forget there are NO ATMs close by - and although some merchants might use QR codes or accept transfers, in general cash is the main form of exchange.

3.) Ride BIKES 🚲 or MOTORBIKES 🏍if possible. You can park at the school with a two wheel vehicles, otherwise cars will be lining the main road.

4.) No reselling. To ensure the spirit of the Farmers' Market is preserved, only original products made by you can be sold, and not purchasing new/pre-made products from other sources.

Thank you, and we hope to see you on this Friday!!